Phu My Hung City Centre in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is considered to be the safest place in HCM City

Since the beginning, Phu My Hung City Centre has been considered one of the few urban areas in the country that meet international living standards. To what do you attribute this success?

While designing Phu My Hung City Centre, our company expected 100,000 people to live there. However, we have developed infrastructure that can meet the needs of a million residents.
Currently, 30,000 people are living in the area and 50 per cent of them are foreigners. This has proved that the City Centre is able to offer a high living standard for foreigners from all over the world.
In Phu My Hung City Centre, residents will enjoy both a home with all amenities and services needed for their daily lives.
In particular, the developer’s focus has been on security, which has been the most important aspect that persuades many Vietnamese and foreigners to choose living in Phu My Hung City Centre.

Phu My Hung City Centre seems to be safest area in HCM City. What does your company do to ensure its security?

In Phú Mỹ Hưng City Centre, we have invested a lot in activities that ensure its security. Along with support from local authorities, we have our own security service to ensure safety in the City Centre. Specifically, one team who is paid by monthly management fee of residents will manage security of residences. Another team paid by Phu My Hung Development Corp. is mainly in charge of tracking and preventing crime, firefighting in city centre and monitoring residences’ security teams.

We have many security points in the area. Security guards working at these points are responsible for keeping out suspicious individuals. They cooperate with residents and the other guards for urgent cases.
Another supervisory team with vehicles and necessary equipment works with local authorities to warn suspicious individuals and prevent them from entering the area.
In addition, security guards in non-uniform clothes will patrol regularly together with the local police. This joint force has a list of suspicious individuals in that area.
More importantly, residents always give us a full support, and always provide us information through hotlines.
Human resource development is very important to our company.
Because of that, not only taking care of their welfare, but we also organise many programmes to help them to improve their skills.
We have established a martial art training centre. This a place for them to improve their health and skills and to share experiences and knowledge related to security.

Besides human resources, what equipment do you have to improve security in the area?

It is lucky that Phu My Hung City Centre has natural borders in the form of rivers. Currently, we have six gates connecting to other areas of HCM City. This is a convenient situation for us to set up a security system, security points and camera systems to take care of security.
Cameras are installed on main streets and junctions, which enable security guards to easily supervise each street and the whole Phú Mỹ Hưng City Centre.
There is a centre where images from all cameras are monitored. The centre operates 24×7, helping us monitoring any situations. The camera system helps us identifying suspicious individuals and keeping them out or catching them, with the cooperation of all security services.
The camera network plays an important role in identifying and easing traffic jams in co-operation with the traffic police.
To enable security guards to easily contact each other, they have been provided with handheld transceivers, which also help them quickly respond to emergencies.
In conclusion, to ensure safety for both residents and visitors, we have set up a security system with many levels in the city centre.